I am a graphic designer, handcrafted enthusiast, travel addict, and dog devotee. I love to infuse my work with handmade elements to create something beautiful and                                                                       to each project. Let's work together.

Inspired by the gilt plaster façade of the Folies Bergere by Maurice Picaud, nicknamed "Pico," this trendy French Art Deco bar is characterized by modern, elegant menus, gilded fixtures, and lavish champagne.


Perú: Pachamama was the headline of 2015's Folklife Festival series hosted by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.  I transformed the event into a children's festival. Typical Peruvian icons were morphed into playful balloons and coupled with the culture's bright colors and decorative patterns to adorn the festival's accompanying materials.


Local farmers and artisans are invited to sell their goods at this music venue located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I created honey labels influenced by gritty mezcal packaging and modeled the Zandunga logo after vintage guitar brands.


The Radler is a quarterly magazine dedicated to the urban cycling culture of Germany. I chose a clean, minimalistic layout for the magazine in order to showcase the typography and photography.


Holi Hops! is a bold, flavorful beer infused with the traditional spices of India. Inspired by the powder explosions of the Holi Festival, this beer caters to young, adventurous wanderlusters. Engaging copy and energetic visuals  work together to communicate the brand personality and challenge the audience to live colorful
and drink colorful.


Konpeito is a beloved traditional Japanese sugar candy. I chose to differentiate from conventional packaging with an edgy rebrand. The custom font, Somersault,  was used to  build the Harajuku inspired patterning that decorates these unique candy boxes.


Sundara Airways is an upscale Indian Airline that focuses on premium service and the idea of collectivism to provide passengers with an authentic in-air cultural experience. I emphasized the luxury of the brand through the use of ornate patterning and techniques like gold embossing on print applications.


Fuzzy Feet Dog Rescue is a non-profit animal shelter operating within Southern California and Baja, Mexico. My  personalized approach to their site rehaul was to connect the adopter with a potential shelter pet through a quick "pawsonality" matching test.


UNITE is an annual design event hosted by local AIGA student chapters. The gestalt based concept of Command G was chosen as this year's theme. I collaborated on a series of flat, colorful icons paired with design related imagery that could be locked up in various ways on branded applications.


Sparrow Young Readers is a publishing company aimed at producing travel guides and accessories for youth and teens. I rendered each journal to mimic the art of papercutting and selected muted, earthy color palettes that correspond to each country.